Wind Blowing

There was that joyous sound of wedding bells, wind blowing in the air, the tossing of rose petals, and the traditional walk to the limo while our close friends and family cheered us on. That is how it was on our beautiful wedding day. There was such a wonderful collection of accessories to help plan our wedding and make our ceremony so perfect. We had the very best in wedding accessories and reception supplies to make it all a dream come true.

From the wedding invitations to the wedding favors for our guests, they had everything. We chose to go with soap wedding favors because I love to take long baths. I found that giving away soap favors is a great idea because they are so practical if you like to take baths. I found a lovely ring pillow and flower basket set that I also ordered from them. It was actually more than the basket and pillow, it also had my wedding garter, guest book and pen set, in a gorgeous rich garnet. All five pieces of wedding accessories at a very reasonable price.

The great thing about the soap favors is that they are so cheap. You will often find them in wedding favors under dollar section. You can also try searching for them under the cheap wedding favors section as they will often appear there. I am really glad that I went with all my plans because everything turned out beautiful and magical on that special day. With all of the favors coming in under a dollar it was a great way to have all of the best favors at very reasonable prices

I bought accessories online for our reception as well as our ceremony. There was a vast selection of wedding accessories and gifts to pick from. I wanted to make our wedding reception tables sparkle, so I ordered as much spring wedding favors as I could get away with, starting with crystal champagne flutes. The spring is one of the best times to have a wedding. It is when everything blooms and when everything is rosy and pink. It is just the magical time of the year to have a wedding.

I could have bought every gorgeous item they had on their list, but I think I would have been overdoing it just a little. We gave out glass wedding favors as wedding favors for our friends and family. Each set of coasters had a special calla lilie design. There were incredible crystal glasses that were just amazing. The glasses had some special designs and had an inscription with my name and my fiancee’s name. These I found the perfect little silver favor boxes with thank you tags to package the wedding favors in. The wedding favors in their little silver boxes made our tables even more elegant. I purchased flowers and ordered some beautiful candles to make into our centerpieces for the reception tables.

On a smaller table at the of our long table, was our fantastically designed wedding cake. Chocolate and cherries three tiers high with a very lovely cake topper resting on top. I really fell in love with the cake topper I bought, with it’s attractive little ribbon made into a bow at the bottom of the heart with calla lilies added. Everything at our reception turned out to be perfect. I had to go back online where I bought our wedding album and purchase a second album for all the pictures that were taken at the wedding and reception. We have quite a few pictures of the the cake cutting and sharing of the first piece. There were also pictures of our first dance together as man and wife, our guests on the dance floor and an adorable picture of the flower girl and ring boy dancing together.

I’m so glad everyone had such a wonderful time, and I received so many compliments on the decorations of the wedding and reception. I told my husband that I would really like to do this again someday for one of our anniversaries, and he agreed that it’s a good idea. Next time I would probably do it in an asian wedding favors style. The Asian style is quite popular these days.

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