Outdoor wedding

Thinking about having your wedding outdoors, well what a great idea because that is exactly what I did. Having your wedding outside also doesn’t cause any problems that you would normally think there would be.
It turns out that it was a lot cheaper in cost than it would have been to have an indoor wedding. Since we had such a nice surrounding, the beauty of nature all around us made it perfect decoration. The first thing on my agenda was to find some cheap wedding favors because I was on a very tight budget. Instead of having the wedding ceremony and a reception on a beach or in the garden, I chose to have it in the park. I was surprised at all the parks available for weddings.

I wasn’t really sure where to start, so I shopped around for some much needed suggestions. If you’re going to have your ceremony outside make sure to plan in case the weather turns nasty. Make sure to at least home some cover in case that it starts to rain otherwise all of your guests will be soaked.

In our original wedding plans, we had a nice canopy set up for the reception and a amazing trellis for our ceremony. The only real decorations I wanted and needed were those for my wedding table and the guests reception tables. There were nice flowers and my table settings, thanks to the already present beauty of the park. By using artificial flowers I thought we may be able to avoid any uninvited guests, like bees. You couldn’t tell they were artificial they were so beautiful,they looked like the real deal. Although planning wasn’t as difficult a chore as I thought, there were quite a few things to take care of. There are some spectacular practical wedding favors but the sun can turn your beautiful wedding cake into a gooey pool of confection.

As far as table decoration, I found so many fantastic favors for our reception. I had small park bench place card holders at each table setting, and little citronella votive candles in glass globes with a nice flower arrangement as our centerpieces. I found very decorative favor boxes and used them to package the chrome bottle openers we bought for our friends and family as a beach wedding favors. The most beautiful part of our wedding table was our cake with it’s gorgeous wedding cake topper.

I found it while browsing online for my other wedding gifts and right away I fell in love with them. They were especially customized for the groom and bridal party. They put our faces on our cake topper, and all I had to do was send them a photo of me and my fiance. Who could ask for a better wedding favor then that. Our friends and family were really loved the cake topper and gave us a lot of compliments on it. Everything I ordered for our ceremony and reception was the best in wedding accessories, especially our crystal champagne flutes and silver cake serving set. It was amazing all the super accessories you can buy online.

Besides the summery wedding favors that I gave to my guest I also went totally opposite with winter wedding favors that were as nice as summer favors. We all loved the super DJ and the fantastic job he was doing, and if I’m right, he probably kept the music and dancing going on for quite a while after we left to go on our honeymoon. There were many good comments about our beautiful wedding ceremony and fun filled reception party we had. I’m so glad I decided to go with a wedding in the park. If we celebrate one of our anniversaries with a wedding renewal, I want to have it in a gorgeous park again.

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