Coffe Favor

These gifts are a way to say thank you and how much you appreciate them. Even the way you buy wedding favors and decorations have changed. Today planning weddings and purchasing items are done mainly online. By browsing the web you can get awesome wedding ideas.

When I was planning my wedding shower I knew that weddings can be very hectic, stressful, and time consuming but also one of the happiest moments of my life. I also wanted my guests to have a gift that they could use. I knew it had to be practical and affordable so I decided to go with garden wedding favors that have a lot of favors that you can actually place in your garden. I decided to do some research on the web to see what my options were. I found a variety of wedding favors. I saw wedding favors by season, wedding favors by theme, and wedding favors by type. They have a huge variety of wedding favors to choose and it is hard to decide which one is the best. The best wedding favors are the ones that are fun and functional.

You don’t even have to go with a favor but a very practical choice is to just get a very pretty box. Inside the box you can place pretty much anything from chocolates to mints to other small gifts. These box wedding favors are a perfect gift that you can get if you need a favor in a box.

Picking coffee and tea favors was a hard decision for me. There are other different coffee and tea favors to purchase, you are not just limited to coffee and tea. I found tea in wedding favor tags coffee cup candles and many more coffee and tea favors to choose from. Choosing the right one was getting difficult and was hard to make a choice because I fell in love with all of them. I then realized that all of my guests may not like coffee or tea. This made me make a decision to give out both
silver wedding favors for everyone. I would then let my guests pick their preference. This way they would not get a gift they did not like. I gave the tea lovers tea infusers and the coffee lovers coffee cup candles which made my decision come to an end much faster in choosing the best coffee and tea favors. This decision would make the entire room smell of coffee and tea scents and also make my tables look gorgeous.

Finally it was the day of my wedding. We put up all the decorations and set up the tables. When the room was finished it looked so elegant and also inviting. You felt cozy when you smelled the aroma of coffee and tea in the room. I was so excited and could not wait to see all my friends and family at the reception. When they did arrive they were excited and amazed as I was. They could not get over how elegant the room looked and the coffee and tea aroma that was in the air. Choosing coffee and tea favors was a great idea.

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