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Wedding Favours Ontario

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Being a bride from Canada can often be difficult as the selection of wedding favours available to Canadian brides is not the same. Not only is the selection smaller, you often have to deal with retailers that have items out of stock or that charge outrageous shipping amounts. On the other hand if you purchase wedidng favours online from a USA retailer you will find yourself facing high brokerage and custom fees. This is the dilemma that Canadian brides from Ontario face all the time. If you are looking for wedding favours ontario I would highly recommend Wedding Favours Canada as they carried the selection I needed for the price that is marginally higher than what would be offered in USA. I received all of my packages on time and the best of all there were no duties or brokerage fees. I was quite surprised that it was such an hassle free experience

Besides wedding favors I was also interested in getting some wedding accessories to complement my wedding favors. My first thought was that I need to get some cake toppers along with some table tops. My husband was initially against the idea of getting the cake topper but once he started browsing through the items he was more excited than I was. All my wedding favour ideas were to have my wedding accessories match my wedding favors. Even if I was getting different items from different manufacturers I wanted them to all match in the end..

Baby Shower

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Baby shower favors are becoming ever so popular. Different cultures do different things to celebrate the arrival of a new born. In North America this celebration is usually marked by giving of baby shower favors Traditionally baby shower favors were given only to first born, however this is quickly changing and now parents mark the birth of their every child with some baby shower favors.

These events are usually co-hosted by a mom, her close family member or a close friend. There are no rules to determine how long a baby shower needs to be or how it should be hosted. The host decided what they want to do entertainment wise. Most hosts invite only woman but there are no set rules. The type of even for the baby shower is also influenced if the baby shower is held before the birth of the baby or afterwards.

Guests usually bring gifts to the baby shower. In reply the hosts gives baby shower favours as small token of appreciation. These do not have to be expensive favours. They have to be thoughtful and playful so as to bring as many laughs as possible.

When it comes to baby shower favours there is a lot to chose from as the selection is very large. Some of the most popular ones are baby aspen baby shower favors. You will find that they carry a large selection of baby gifts for all types of moms.

What’s unique about baby shower favors is that they will last a life time and will serve you as a reminder of your baby shower.

My personal favorite baby shower favor is the Over the Moon’ Vintage Moon Bookmark The unique bookmark is made of metal in the shape of a yellow half-moon with a royal blue tassel attached. It can also be personalized with a special gift message. Another popular item with moms is the World’s Gratest Mom’ Cheese Grater These cheese graters will dress up your baby shower.