Canadian Wedding Favours

Exciting news for all Canadian shoppers, if you are looking for wedding favours and are worried about cross border news, there are some alternative wedding favours shops that do all customs paperwork along with imported duties. At wedding favours canada you can find the latest trends along with some of the most popular wedding favours. All items are priced in Canadian dollars, can be shipped to Canadian addresses and you don’t have to worry about those custom duties.

For most Canadian weddings it is a custom to give wedding favours to your guests as a sign of appreciate for them attending your wedding. These small little treasures will impact them in a big way as they will always have a memory to treasure. If you are unsure which favours to get the best approach is to browse through a popular wedding favours section and pick a style and theme that will suite your wedding.

When you guests arrive at your wedding reception before they can find a spot at their table make sure to have some place card holders which will clear up the confusion and allow your guests to find their seat. If you plan on giving gifts before your wedding day then you might go with some bridal shower favours that all of your bridesmaids will love. These bridal shower favours come in different shapes and sizes and can be personalized for your bridal shower. Most of our wedding favours can be personalized by choosing a custom sticker or even doing some fine print.

You can also check out some alternative wedding favors if you are looking for a bigger variety of items. From summer wedding favors to winter wedding favors most brides will find everything they are looking for in one place.

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